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Nikos' Opinions

Nikos' statement regarding recent press articles. - 17/07/2015

Nikos statement about recent team changes in AEL - 07/02/2012

Nikos announces his retirement - 25/10/2011

New contract - 25/06/2010

Response to local press - 10/06/2009
After some time, Nikos posts a statement on the site, with a response to articles in the local press.

Coming to the end of season - 15/05/2009
As we are approaching the end of the season, Nikos makes a come-back to the site. More to follow soon!

AEL player for another 2 years - 03/06/2008
Nikos announces the renewal of his contract with AEL (in Greek).

Response to radio comments - 02/04/2008
Nikos comments on what was said on a Thessaloniki radio station after the game with Kalamaria (in Greek).

Media response - 26/03/2008
Nikos comments on articles about the Greek Cup games of last week (in Greek).

Should not have happened - 21/01/2008
Nikos comment's after the game with Veroia (in Greek).

Miles away from the truth - 17/11/2007
Nikos' comments on the latest press articles (in Greek).

High time we did something about all this - 01/10/2007
Nikos' comments after the game with Atromitos (in Greek).

Greek media - 10/05/2007
Nikos' comments in the Greek media after the Cup Final (in Greek)

Nikos' reactions to local press articles (in Greek) - 20/02/2007

Nikos' review of 2006 (in Greek). - 29/12/2006

Violence strikes again - 31/10/2006
Nikos' comments after the game with PAOK. (in Greek)

Something needs to be done... - 12/09/2006
Nikos' comments after the game in Corfu (in Greek).

Wishes for a good season. - 27/08/2006
Nikos wishes all a good and successful new season (in Greek).

Nikos response to forum postings (in Greek) - 15/06/2006

Last game of the season - 22/05/2006
Nikos' comments on the last game of the season against (in Greek).

We will do our best - 23/03/2006
Nikos' opinion after the game with Olympiakos (in Greek).

Everything is going well - 08/12/2005
Nikos reflects on the first 12 match days, before the game with Olympiakos (in Greek).

Injured! - 09/11/2005
Nikos' comments after the Cup game with Panseraikos (in Greek).

The first five match days... - 03/10/2005
Nikos' comments after the PAOK game (Greek).

Nikos' views - 20/09/2005
Nikos comments on the start with AEL. (Greek)

Looking forward to a full house! - 18/08/2005
After 7 1/2 years I decided to return to Greece and this is not a decision I took lightly.

Nikos on the move - 07/05/2005
Nikos will be leaving Leicester at the end of the season.

Happy Easter - 01/05/2005
Nikos' wishes for the Easter

No trial - 06/01/2005
After a long time, we can finally leave what happen in Spain behind us. The final ruling left no room for looking back for a case that wonít even reach the court room, due to insufficient evidence.

Nikos' Christmas Wishes! - 25/12/2004
I would like to wish everybody all the best for the holidays and a healthy and prosperous 2005.

Nikos' reaction Micky Adams' resignation. - 21/10/2004
I was surprised by Micky Adams' decision to step down a few days ago, after the Preston defeat.

National Team - 24/09/2004
Nikos issued a statement in Greek, after not being invited to the National team for the forthcoming games.

A positive start - 07/08/2004
Leicester get their first point of the season, with Nikos selected to lead the team.

Looking forward to the season's kick-off! - 01/08/2004
Nikos' comments after the two friendly games.

Leicester player! - 18/07/2004
Nikos will be playing for Leicester next season.

Greece in the final. - 01/07/2004
It simply fantastic to see how happy everyone is back home.

Greatest victory of Greek football - 16/06/2004
Nikos' comments after the win against Portugal.

It has been a year... - 11/06/2004
On Saturday, when we will be playing against Portugal, it will be a year since I had the car accident.

Charges dropped - 24/05/2004
Nikos' reaction to new forensic evidence that helped clear all charges against Leicester players.

Nikos' reaction after the win against Birmingham. - 13/03/2004
Nikos thanks the fans for their support all this time, but especially for the way they handled everything the last few days.

Nikos's statement. - 08/03/2004

Nikos issues a second statement. - 07/03/2004

Nikos issues the statement, following the incident in Spain. - 06/03/2004

Nikos returns from Greece - 26/02/2004
Last week I traveled back to Greece for the friendly game with the National team.

We are very unlucky! - 18/01/2004
Nikos thoughts after the away draw against Middlesboro.

Nikos' reaction after the game against Chelsea. - 13/01/2004
Making a debut against Chelsea was never going to be an easy home start. Still, I was hoping for a better result!

A new beginning... - 02/01/2004
Nikos' thoughts after completing his transfer to Leicester.

Two games in one week. - 20/11/2003
I played with the reserves against West Brom on Tuesday and with the National Team during the weekend.

Euro 2004 - 12/10/2003
If I have to pick up the single most important game I have played during my career the game against Northern Ireland would have been the one!

Loan rumours - 17/09/2003
I come across an article mentioning that there was a chancing of moving on loan to another club, after the reserveís game on Monday.

Back to action! - 16/09/2003
It was very important for me to play in last nightís reserve game.

Not that far away from the Euro! - 22/08/2003
I just came back from the game against Sweden. It was good to get involved even for 10 minutes.

First day in training! - 14/07/2003
I think that now that I am back to training it will become more than apparent that I will be full ready very soon!

Feeling better! - 22/06/2003
The last few days were very difficult for me. The accident was a really bad one and I was very fortunate to get away with only a broken arm.

Thank you... - 15/06/2003
I would like to thank everyone who visited me at the hospital my gratitude. Their support was greatly appreciated.

Transfer listed - 07/06/2003
Nikos' reaction after being transfer listed by Newcastle United.

Nikos comments on transfer speculations - 15/05/2003
I read in the Greek and UK press that there is a Dutch team interested in signing me.

Considering my future plans... - 05/05/2003
I traveled to Greece for the international friendly against Slovakia (we drew 2-2), but I did not get to play due to a minor injury I had been suffering from the last few days.

Nikos' comments after the game against Northern Ireland - 06/04/2003
I guess it is not a surprise how good it was to be included in the squad for game again Northern Ireland.

Top priority... - 25/03/2003
Being selected to represent your country is always a great honor. However, this time playing for the national team will be a bit more special.

Disappointed - 09/02/2003
I was really disappointed when I found out that I was not going to play against Arsenal.

Is our CL position secured? - 30/01/2003
I have heard many people even talking about winning the League after beating the Spurs away, but I think we should first make sure we secure our CL position!

Not True - 11/01/2003
An article in a nationwide paper recently claimed that I threatened to leave the club if I do not get to play. This is simply not true.

Happy New Year! - 01/01/2003
I would like to thank everyone for visiting my site and for expressing their support during the good and bad momemnts of the last year. I would also like to wish everyone a happy new year and if possible... ask Santa Claus for a title!

Fans should back up the national team! - 22/11/2002
I was really disappointed to see only a few thousand fans turn up for the recent game of our National team.

A great day for Greek football! - 15/11/2002
I was very pleased to see both Panathinaikos and PAOK go through to the next stage of the UEFA cup.

First time ever! - 14/11/2002
This was the first time ever that a team that lost their first three games managed to qualify to the next stage!

If I had a second to think! - 21/10/2002
When I saw their striker about to shoot the only thing I could think of was how to prevent him from scoring.

Nikos was named Captain! - 18/10/2002
I was really happy when I was named captain for the game against Armenia. It was the single most important moment in my international career.

Euro-2004 - 15/10/2002
It was a great opportunity to gain a significant advantage as far as the second place was concerned, but unfortunately we did not make the best out of it.

It will get better - 20/09/2002
I know the fans are a bit concerned with the latest results but I really confident that things will soon get better.

Returning from Greece - 13/09/2002
The last week was really difficult for me. After picking up an injury during the Liverpool game I had to be ready for the game against Spain.

Looking forward to a good start - 09/09/2002
It is the beginning of a new campaign and everyone is excited about our prospects.

Nikos' comments after the game against Liverpool - 08/09/2002
I was very happy winning a point at Anfield after all the previous bad results there.

Nikos' comments after the Man City game. - 25/08/2002
Losing a game is always a painful experience. It may have been an away game against Manchester City, but I was hoping we were going to get something more out of it.

Welcome back.. - 01/08/2002
This is the beginning of what I hope it will be an exciting season! Last season we proved that we are a considerable force in the Premier League but we are now faced with an even bigger challenge.

Returning to the CL - 24/04/2002
It is very important that we managed to ensure our Champions League position 2 games before the end of the season as it is a strong indication of how well the team performed this year.

We have the advantage - 19/04/2002
Nikos comments about the Champions League race and the last international game.

I hope I will be ready - 08/04/2002
I had a very difficult week as my tonsils were in a very bad shape and as a result I had temperature for a couple of days.

It is now past.. - 31/03/2002
Nikos' comments about the last game (vs Everton).

FA Cup: The last game - 25/03/2002
Getting through to the next round by playing Arsenal away was a difficult task, which was made an almost impossible one when they scored twice in the first 20 minutes.

This is what I call a difficult week! - 08/03/2002
We had to play against Arsenal a few days ago and the result was certainly not what we had wished for. Then, mid-week, we had to face Liverpool away and lost 3-0. Now we have to play Arsenal once more!

Hopefully next time.. in the FA! - 05/03/2002
We missed a great chance to remain at the top of the table, but it is never easy playing against Arsenal. They managed to convert 2 of their 4-5 chances and I think that tells its own story.

Arsenal's turn - 01/03/2002
Tomorrow's game will be the beginning of a series of three very difficult games.

Looking at the top - 22/02/2002
Playing against Sunderland is always a special occasion no matter where the two teams are in the league table.

Back from Greece - 16/02/2002
Unfortunately I picked up an injury during the game and I am not sure whether I will get to play on Sunday against Manchester City.

Dedicated to Antonis - 09/02/2002
I would like to dedicate the win against Southampton to my very good Antonis, who died two days ago.

A difficult one.. - 08/02/2002
I know that the game against Southampton is an important one, if we want to maintain our league position, but it would also be special for me for a very different reason.

We did it again! - 30/01/2002
After we broke the deadlock against Arsenal it seems that we have found our way against the teams based in London!

100th Premier League Game! - 29/01/2002
The game against Tottenham will be a special one for me! It will be my 100th Premier League game I have played for United.

We needed the 3 points - 20/01/2002
I was very disappointed with our performance during the Leicester game.

Here we go again! - 13/01/2002
Winning Leeds was important as it brought us back to the top of the table.

I was not the one to blame.. - 03/01/2002
I believe that the result was fair. Although Manchester United's performance was not that better than ours, they were more effective than we were.

I want to return as soon as possible! - 31/12/2001
I was hoping we could achieve our 5th win in a row, but I am not disappointed at all by the last home game.

Top of the table! - 22/12/2001
If someone had told me that we were about to get 6 points from the games against Arsenal and Leeds I would had told him that he was crazy!

Finally, 3 points in London! - 19/12/2001
Before the game I would had been really happy if someone had told me that we were to get anything from the game against Arsenal.

Even closer to the top! - 16/12/2001
Before the game I was told that Blackburn had not manage to beat United at St James Park more than 40 years.

Good but unlucky - 15/12/2001
Although our defense is getting better and better in the last games, unfortunately we were very unlucky in the last two away games.

3 more points.. - 10/12/2001
I knew that the game against Ipswich was important one, but it proved to be even more important that I had originally thought

To be happy or not to be? - 26/11/2001
I have to admit we did not perform very well against Derby.

Perhaps next time - 18/11/2001
Unfortunately for another time we did not manage to win in London. I believe it just a coincidence and not a matter of low moral when we play in the South.

Possibility of a tranfer? - 01/11/2001
Nikos' comments about the "West Ham" rumours.

In the top 5 - 15/10/2001
I expected us to win the game against Bolton this weekend and indeed we did so.

A great day for the Greek football. - 06/10/2001
We proved that we are a good side and we can achieve great things if the right circumstances exist.

Not bad for a start - 27/09/2001
6 games, 3 wins, 2 draws, and we have lost a game.

Need to win the next two games - 25/09/2001
I was disappointed with my performance in the last game for the Premier League.

About the National team and the next game - 06/09/2001
Never before in the last 7 years as a player of the national team did I encounter such a defeat.

Almost there.. - 21/07/2001
After the excellent 4-0 in Belgium I believe the second game is of no importance as far as the qualification to the next round is concerned. We did not expect to have many problems and that was what happened. Still we have to face the second game seriously and not only as a training exercise. We now expect our next opponent who I guess from the latest results that will be 1860 Munich.

A new beginning - 11/07/2001
It is true that this season has started a bit earlier than we had originally expected due to the European games. It is not a secret that we wanted to play in Europe and perhaps the Intertoto games will end up being our way into the UEFA cup, which is something we all hope.

World Cup Qualifications - 04/06/2001
For many reasons we expected it to be a difficult game against Albania, and it was. I am really happy that we manage to get the 3 points, as the win was the only way to keep the dream alive. We can still hope and try for the second place in our group. A significant role in the game was the support we received from everyone at Crete.

End of season - 19/05/2001
Nikos opinion now that we have reached the end of the season.

FIFA and Greek League - 28/04/2001
Nikos opinion on the dispute between FIFA and the Greek League.

Greek Premier League - 23/04/2001
Congratulations to Olympiakos for winning the Championship.

Happy Easter - 15/04/2001
Nikos wishes for the Easter.

Nikosís opinion on the game against Middlesborough - 18/03/2001
Read what Nikos thought of the game and his comments on his come back date.

Nikos Xmas Wishes! - 23/12/2000
His Christmas message to all friends and supporters.

Nikos opinion on greek teams in Europe - 11/11/2000
Nikos opinion on the latest draws for the European cups. "I hope that all Greek teams manage to qualify to the next round of their respective tournaments, as this will reinforce the good image of Greek football in the minds of European fans."

A week full of international action! - 14/10/2000
Nikos opinion about the latest international results.

The official web site - 27/09/2000
Nikos opinion about the web site. Find out how the first decision to start building the web site was taken?


232 Appearances in England (175 for Newcastle United, 18 for Leicester in the Premier League and 39 for Leicester in the Championship). Total League-Cup-Europe appearances 550. National Team appearances 70. Goals total 40.