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Nikos back sooner than expected

Nikos back sooner than expected

Nikos was operated last Tuesday on his injured knee. The operation was very successful and according to his doctor he will be able to resume light training within four - five months. The good news is that he will be back in the field possibly in six months time, which is a lot sooner than the eight months initially expected.

He will be staying in Greece for the biggest part of his rehabilitation period. For the first few days after the operation he has been in extreme pain, but he is now in high spirits after the good news.

He is delighted that he will be able to resume his training sooner that he thought and although he does not want to risk getting injured during rehab, he is very happy that he will be able to join the team again.


232 Appearances in England (175 for Newcastle United, 18 for Leicester in the Premier League and 39 for Leicester in the Championship). Total League-Cup-Europe appearances 550. National Team appearances 70. Goals total 40.