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Playing against Liverpool

Playing against Liverpool
Another game that Newcastle did not manage to get any points. Nikos believes that the way the team played was not bad at all and that the final score is unfair. "We made some mistakes, mainly we allowed to much space to Owen and that something we were supposed to prevent. Although Liverpool did not make our lives difficult as far as the pressure in the game was concerned they managed to score quite easily. The only thing I could say is to wish that in the next game against Arsenal we will also have a good performance which will be accompanied by a good result. It does not feel good at all and of course there is no point at all to have good performance if you do not score and especially if you do not win any points."


232 Appearances in England (175 for Newcastle United, 18 for Leicester in the Premier League and 39 for Leicester in the Championship). Total League-Cup-Europe appearances 550. National Team appearances 70. Goals total 40.