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A very difficult way ahead

A very difficult way ahead
"Greece has a very difficult way ahead of them in the qualifiers for the World Cup after the latest wins of England and Germany. If they want to have hopes for something better, they will have to win all three home games, starting with Germany this week, as well as getting a positive result against Finland."

"The game with Germany is going to be very difficult as their team is on the way back to their former good shape and anyhow they are a great team that knows the way to achieve positive results regardless of their opponent."

"I wholeheartedly whish the best of luck to the Greek team and I wish that I was ready and able to help them in this difficult task that lays ahead of them."


232 Appearances in England (175 for Newcastle United, 18 for Leicester in the Premier League and 39 for Leicester in the Championship). Total League-Cup-Europe appearances 550. National Team appearances 70. Goals total 40.