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Latest on English-Greek European games

Latest on English-Greek European games

Olympiakos will have to play against Liverpool, one of the best teams in the Premiership. However their opponents will have Westerveld under their goalposts, who isn't in his best form lately. In addition their defence is obviously more unstable than it was last season, with the exception of Hyypia who is definitely very good. They have Zieger in the left side and Heggem in the right, both very dependable players, but who are better on their attach than in the defence.

In the middle line, they'll have Hamman and Gerrard, who are very good organisers and bring strength and imagination in their game. Judging from Gerrard's productivity I believe that he will be the next defensive half for the English National Team. In addition Liverpool has McAllister in their ranks, who might be old but who is also very good in organising the game. As Liverpool makes successful transfers there must be some reason behind their move. Berger's absence is vital as the team depends very much on him, as he is an excellent player of very good quality, who can create opportunities for the team and score goals.

In their attacking line they have Heskey, a player who until recently had everything apart from the ability to score, something that he has managed to do often this year. The change in his playing position from the side to centre has been advantage, giving him more opportunities to score. His partner in crime will probably be Owen, as the usual suspect Fowler missed out on all the chances he had to become a main member of the team. Olympiakos' main problem will be in the free kicks and corners as Liverpool's players are taller than those of Olympiakos and are better in the tall game. It will certainly be a very difficult game for the Greeks and they will have to be very careful if they don't want to miss out on the chance to qualify.

Although Manchester lately has not been the great team we all know, however they are showing that they are on their way to recover. Stams' absence is probably the most important problem the team has at the moment, as he is a leading figure. Their attacking line however is very good and they are usually able to recover and fight back no matter how many goals they have received. Barthez can send the ball to the opposition's box, something that should worry Panathinaikos defenders so that they wont be caught in surprise. They should also be cautious of Beckham's crossing as he has two extra players in the attack, Scholes and Keane. As Manchester's game is very predictable, Panathinaikos will have a very difficult job in the left side and they will have to be very careful.


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